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Deb Relax Foaming Hand Wash 6 x 1 Litres


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Deb Relax Foam Wash (previously known as Aromatherapy) is a fragrant foam hand wash with a rich blend of pure essential oils. The perfume is designed to instill a sense of calm and relaxation using an oriental musk with top notes of tangerine and bergamot, suppoprted by floral undertones and the warmth of clove and cinnamon.

The mousse-like foam properties feel wonderfully ‘silky-smooth’ when washing and the product dispenses as a foam on to the hands, reducing the time required to create lather. The rich lather will rinse off the hands quickly therefore reducing water usage and wastage.

Sold in 6 x 1 litre bottles to be used in conjuction with a Deb Proline Dispenser. (see dispensers and related products)